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NASA Tweetup

NASA announces tweet up to view the launch of Atlantis.  NASA will pick 150 people at random that sign up on their site.

Hrm, I’ll be signing up — and if I’m one of the 150 picked — I think that’s too good of a deal to pass up.  There’s also a second place tweet up at JSC.

Count me in.

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Gibson’s Tips for Great Guitar Tone

Strangely enough, found this via 37signals, but was still a nice read.  Best tip: #5, use your guitar’s volume knob.  I’m still working on how to use that to its fullest.

25 Secret Ways to Get the Guitar Tone of Your Dreams.

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Two of These Things Are Not Like The Others

The image says it all.  Something is seriously wrong with American “news”.  I’m crying right now…

From: Tiger Woods returns to golf – Boing Boing.

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