I came across this list at Wikipedia (not surprisingly, about spaceflight).  It lists *every* human spaceflight since April 12, 1961 (Vostok 1).  And the total surprised me: 282 Only 282 flights with humans in over 49 years.  Less than 6 per year on average.  This includes 3 flights from the X-15 program and 3 flights […]

The Earth and the Moon

@NASAhistory just posted to twitter that this pictures was taken 33 years ago today: I love pictures like this, the Earth and the Moon in one frame.  This image was taken by Voyager 1, the first to look back from such a distance (7,250,000 miles away), and the right equipment, that the Earth and Moon […]

Neat Mac Tip

I like sites like lifehacker.com, but I find that there are usually nice suggestions, but that I really pick up on some of their suggestions immediate. But this one I really got me and is turning out to be very useful. The tip is: use “option” on a mac to open a new window in […]