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If you’re not familiar, Durian is a fruit from southeast Asia that has an odor so distinct foul that it is banned from many places.   Well, someone had some in my office yesterday — and after a little scare that there was a gas leak in the building (it turned out to just be Durian), I had to find out how it was, with the following conversation:

(3:24:41 PM) brian-yee: how was the durian ?
(3:24:56 PM) brian-yee has set the topic to: Toybox 1 Questions and Durian, how was it?
(3:25:15 PM) chris-czub: stinky and it left a funny garlicky/onion taste in my mouth
(3:25:21 PM) chris-czub: it’s the most conflicted i’ve ever been over food
(3:25:29 PM) chris-czub: because the initial taste is sweet and custardy
(3:25:58 PM) chris-czub: then the taste of rotting sewage and onions sneaks up behind you and clobbers you, rubbing itself all over the inside of your mouth before laughing at your misfortune
(3:25:59 PM) chris-czub: yes
(3:26:21 PM) brian-yee: wow

Thanks to Chris for his review of the Durian.

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History in HD is a great photo site for history buffs.   The site collects photos from the Library of Congress’ archive, processes them for contrast and posts them in high resolution.  Some are over 2000 pixel along the long edge which allows you to clearly see details in the photos and really get immersed in what’s going on.

Most are from 1910 – 1930, but there are some excellent color photographs of the World War II era as well.

A Model T, sitting in the show room in 1924/

A Model T, sitting in the show room in 1924.

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