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Making Ravioli

It was an interesting first attempt to make pasta. I’ve learned why pasta machines exist, also.

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New Inspiration

Last weekend I made pulled pork, my first time doing real Barbeque, not regular grilling, but low and slow hours long Barbeque.  Joe, from work, had sent me a few links on some techniques.  But not too long after looking for some more information I found the  Virtual Weber Bullet site, then I found weber_cam. After reading a few posts from these places I found new inspiration for documenting what I’ve been doing and the things that interest me — perhaps for the only purpose of writing it down to learn from it later: sort of a personal logbook.

Here’s what I’m interesting in looking into next:

* Homebrew: not sure if I’ll really do this.  I probably need to drink more to make this worthwhile.

* Getting back into RC planes: I never really flew one very successfully and this would be great to have a new start in.  I’ve already spent a fair bit in the up-front costs.  I’ll probably need to get new batteries.

* More Barbeque

* Perfecting baguettes.  weber_cam has some good techniques and videos that I’m going to try.

So with that, I begin.  We’ll find out how long the inspiration lasts this time.

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Week-Off Projects


Rip out old door frames, install prehung doors in Eila’s new room.  Done, second turned into slab door install.

Paint new doors and frames. 

Hang new trim on new doors.

Fix Leaky Faucet

Recaulk Shower and Tub

Change Locks on bedroom doors

Replace Dryer Venting.

Christmas decorations (tree, etc.)

Moved to Phase 2:

Move furniture

Clean Gutters

Paint Eila’s new room (and pick colors).

Fix kitchen drawer that doesn’t close right

Touch-up Paint some of the window sills and trim.


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Festive Hat For Thanksgiving

In case you’re looking for something to wear today in the cold, here’s a pie hat (and instructions for making one yourself).  Perfect for thanksgiving.

Link (from BoingBoing)

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Can now make my computer do th…

Can now make my computer do things via twitter messages. World domination will come soon.

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