June 30th

I flew in last night. Airports are such strange places. People get so stressed when they are there. *I* get so stressed when I get to the airport. I saw Memento today. Highly recommended.

June 29th

Are these two logos (#1 and #2) totally the same? I guess they’re not exact on closer inspection, but both Shannon and I immediately though they were after seeing the preview for the upcoming movie on tv. They’re pretty close. Also, scandal in the voting process! Suspected voter fraud in the Road to Springfield tournament. […]

June 28th

I leave tommorow for Arizona. I’m excited. My first real trip to try out my new camera. And I’m going to the Grand Canyon, how do you photograph that? I’ve been thinking, planning, and scheming in my mind. Who knows. This is pretty cool, www.roadtospringfield.com where you can vote for your favorite secondary character from […]

June 21st

Also, there are pictures of Shannon’s preschool ESL class here. This post on Jason Kottke’s weblog kind of sums up some things I’ve been thinking about lately: How much the internet, or the web, amazes me. Everytime I think about some of the services that the internet can provide, it amazes me: package tracking and […]

June 19th

This is interesting. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, but phrases and words linked to other content on the web (many of the links are outdated…). It’s sort of a new look at the poem in the context of the web.