June 21st

Also, there are pictures of Shannon’s preschool ESL class here.

This post on Jason Kottke’s weblog kind of sums up some things I’ve been thinking about lately: How much the internet, or the web, amazes me.

Everytime I think about some of the services that the internet can provide, it amazes me: package tracking and instant messaging to name a few. Online shopping, too. I was thinking the other day about the amount of information I take for granted these days, I wouldn’t know where to find things without the internet. What did people do just ten years ago? What did I do? The other day I needed to find out where the area code 847 was. I found out in about 3 seconds. What else would I do…go to the library?

Also, I just noticed that Amazon is giving free shipping when you buy two cds. I think I’ll have to take them up on that.

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