Wants For Sale

This couple from New York paints pictures of the things they want, and sell the paintings for the price of the real item. When the painting sells, they buy that item. Really neat concept. Wants for Sale (from Kottke)


Joe (@szac) turned me on to Flot for a project he’s working on.  I’m helping him out with some php logic.  Flot a pretty nifty graphing library all in javascript.  The examples show that it’s capable of a lot: multiple axes, multiple series, highlighting, and all can be updated real-time using Ajax.  But at its […]

The Internet Has Failed

Have you ever seen a garage door with a black silhouette of an ox and a covered wagon? I have. Those used to be on every street in my neighborhood growing up. Well, apparently no pictures of this exist on the internet. Not one. The people I work with are fairly internet savvy. Perhaps more […]