An Oldie But a Goodie

This is back from 2000.  I still think about this every now and then and thought I’d post it (or re-post it): Postal Experiments from the Annals of Improbable Research.  Experiments include trying to send all sorts of objects (including a $20 bill in a clear envelope, to a ski, to a deer tibia) through […]

Time Traveler’s Crib Sheet

Just in case you’re sent back in time 1,000 years, here’s all the basics you need to know.  Like heavier-than-air flight and the basics of fighting infections.  Just hang this up in your time machine. Time Traveler’s Crib Sheet. (from BoingBoing) (P.S. Apparently, I’m just a transparent proxy for BoingBoing.  Go read that site, they […]


I’ve always thought it was a little lame to do this, but that never stopped me before.  So…here’s the small list I wrote down last week: 1. INBOX ZERO EVERY DAY At least at work, get things organized out of the inbox and into a task list of some sort.  It is pleasing to look […]


Sometimes you look at old pictures and think “Awwww”.  I just look at this one and think how beat city my lawn was in 2006.  Yikes.  Eila looks cute, though.

Flying Free

Yesterday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day was pretty neat.  It was an astronaut grabbing a rather large satellite in an untethered spacewalk. The picture doesn’t capture really what’s happening here.  The satellite is rotating while being captured.  The video shows this better. Shannon couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  “Is he crazy!” seems like what […]