Sometimes you look at old pictures and think “Awwww”.  I just look at this one and think how beat city my lawn was in 2006.  Yikes.  Eila looks cute, though.

No Knead Foccacia

I made weber_cam‘s No Knead Foccacia (video below) Sunday night for a big dinner we had with some friends.  Highly recommended, it was very tasty and extremely easy.  My only regret was I didn’t shoot a picture to put here.  I’ll give this another try this weekend…

New Inspiration

Last weekend I made pulled pork, my first time doing real Barbeque, not regular grilling, but low and slow hours long Barbeque.  Joe, from work, had sent me a few links on some techniques.  But not too long after looking for some more information I found the  Virtual Weber Bullet site, then I found weber_cam. After […]

List of Lists Post

In an amazing self-referential meta-list find, I bring you: List of United States Congressional Lists.  This page contains a list of, well, lists.  And — to take it one level deeper there is this page, which contains a list of lists of lists.

Gift Ideas: Christmas 2008

I need a place to store my ideas as they come in — so for my own reference as well as other’s: 320GB Portable HDD 500GB External HDD Computer Parts (Amazon Wish List) Amazon gift card are always nice if you can’t find something specific (convenient and they have everything). also, a link to my […]


If you’re not familiar, Durian is a fruit from southeast Asia that has an odor so distinct foul that it is banned from many places.   Well, someone had some in my office yesterday — and after a little scare that there was a gas leak in the building (it turned out to just be Durian), […]

History in HD is a great photo site for history buffs.   The site collects photos from the Library of Congress’ archive, processes them for contrast and posts them in high resolution.  Some are over 2000 pixel along the long edge which allows you to clearly see details in the photos and really get immersed in what’s […]