If you’re not familiar, Durian is a fruit from southeast Asia that has an odor so distinct foul that it is banned from many places.   Well, someone had some in my office yesterday — and after a little scare that there was a gas leak in the building (it turned out to just be Durian), I had to find out how it was, with the following conversation:

(3:24:41 PM) brian-yee: how was the durian ?
(3:24:56 PM) brian-yee has set the topic to: Toybox 1 Questions and Durian, how was it?
(3:25:15 PM) chris-czub: stinky and it left a funny garlicky/onion taste in my mouth
(3:25:21 PM) chris-czub: it’s the most conflicted i’ve ever been over food
(3:25:29 PM) chris-czub: because the initial taste is sweet and custardy
(3:25:58 PM) chris-czub: then the taste of rotting sewage and onions sneaks up behind you and clobbers you, rubbing itself all over the inside of your mouth before laughing at your misfortune
(3:25:59 PM) chris-czub: yes
(3:26:21 PM) brian-yee: wow

Thanks to Chris for his review of the Durian.

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