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Pizza Cognition Theory

From Serious Eats comes the Pizza Cognition Theory which stems from how people learn what something is — which is that they first must learn what that thing is *not*:

The first slice of pizza a child sees and tastes (and somehow appreciates on something more than a childlike, mmmgoood, thanks-mom level), becomes, for him, pizza. He relegates all subsequent slices, if they are different in some manner from that first triangle of dough and cheese and tomato and oil and herbs and spices, to a status that we can characterize as not pizza.

What you first recognize as Pizza will forever be Pizza to you, everything else will be “not pizza” or “another kind of pizza”.  For me (for better or worse) it’s the Little Caesar’s standard pizza.  Everything else substantially different gets described with a qualifier (i.e. Buddy’s pizza).

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Wood Burning Pizza Oven from a Weber

This is an interesting project.  Guy with a custom wood-burning weber can get up to 1000 degrees.  Perfect for making pizza.  This inspires me to work on getting better pizza out of my grill.  Reminds me of weber_cam’s firedome.

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