New Inspiration

Last weekend I made pulled pork, my first time doing real Barbeque, not regular grilling, but low and slow hours long Barbeque.  Joe, from work, had sent me a few links on some techniques.  But not too long after looking for some more information I found the  Virtual Weber Bullet site, then I found weber_cam. After reading a few posts from these places I found new inspiration for documenting what I’ve been doing and the things that interest me — perhaps for the only purpose of writing it down to learn from it later: sort of a personal logbook.

Here’s what I’m interesting in looking into next:

* Homebrew: not sure if I’ll really do this.  I probably need to drink more to make this worthwhile.

* Getting back into RC planes: I never really flew one very successfully and this would be great to have a new start in.  I’ve already spent a fair bit in the up-front costs.  I’ll probably need to get new batteries.

* More Barbeque

* Perfecting baguettes.  weber_cam has some good techniques and videos that I’m going to try.

So with that, I begin.  We’ll find out how long the inspiration lasts this time.

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