A Little Help From My Things

Two applications have really helped me deal with managing my time and the information I need to process everyday.  Instapaper and Things:

Instapaper is a simple site that allows you to mark sites to real later.  That’s it.  It’s a true member of the “one thing well” family of sites.  I can mark things to read from my iPhone, work computer, and home computer and work through them when I have time.  It even has great integration with Google Reader.

The second is Things.  I use Getting Things Done to manage everything while at work, keeping things out of my head and out of my inbox to manage my next actions and when things are due.  It’s a great piece of software.  (However, it lacks syncing between my phone and another computer — a feature the team is actively working on, so I’ve been trying out Remember the Milk in the meantime.  Not as impressed.)

What do you use?


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