The Perils of Allowing Your Kids to Grow Up

As parents, we often look to certain growth milestones with longing.  Asking ourselves “When will my son start walking?” or thinking out load “Boy, it would be nice if my daughter could talk” — unknowing to the fact that once a child starts talking they never, ever, ever stop.

It’s this latest milestone that my daughter has reached that has begun this whole cycle anew: reading.

When your child can’t read yet, it’s easy to control the information they receive.  If you don’t want them to know about some of the options on the menu, you don’t it read them.  You get used to have this superpower…and then everything changes.

Today I was walking through Target with my daughter when a non-descript package caught her eye. “Cotton candy?!  Dad, that says cotton candy.  Can we get some?”.  Great.

Oh, I remember the good ol’ days when my daughter was illiterate.


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